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Campus Life | 


VMS Families love the new calendar/organizational tool offered here!  Simply click on the Subscribe button at the bottom of this calendar, and you are well on your way to connecting VMS Life and Home Life together.  Simple! 

Dress Code |


From the beginning, VMS chose specifically to have a modest dress code for our students over having uniforms. We wanted to give families freedom in this area while providing parameters. We desire to empower our students to make appropriate choices in their dress while assisting Middle School girls AND boys in remaining modest while developing into young men and young ladies. As our culture has changed, VMS teachers have initiated updates as they see the need. Below you will see the specific dress codes for both Elementary and Middle School students.
Click HERE for Elementary Dress Code

Click HERE for Middle School Dress Code

Hot Lunch Program |


Our desire is to offer the highest level of learning for our students, and we understand that good nutrition plays a big role in providing the brain it’s optimum power to learn. We also understand that families are busy and are looking for healthy options made simple.  

VMS has chosen to offer healthy hot lunches through Choicelunch.  Choicelunch offers real food kids love with a wide variety of entrees to please choosy and adventurous eaters alike.












Simple Ordering 

Whether you prefer the iPhone or Android mobile apps or the choice lunch website, ordering is a snap. Customize your student’s menu by setting Favorites or filtering selections based on food allergies.


A Wholesome Approach 

Choicelunch shops how you shop. No high-fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, artificial preservatives or antibiotics. Every lunch comes with your student’s choice of fresh fruit/veggies, a side, and a drink.


In order for your child to receive lunch, you need to order that lunch by 9am the previous day. Monday lunches need to be ordered by 9am on Friday. Remember to send a snack with your child for the morning break on the days you have ordered hot lunch.  

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