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Ventura Missionary School

Our Admissions Team Welcomes you to our campus!


We welcome your interest to our school of excellence. VMS is a kindergarten through eighth grade, faith-based school and a ministry of Ventura Missionary Church. Our school inspires students to be intellectually curious, to use their talents to the fullest, to be people of integrity, and to know God's love. Our highly gifted faculty and staff support the many advanced programs with creative learning opportunities. These efforts are essential as we foster mental, emotional and spiritual growth for all students and to equip them with these life-skills that will extend far beyond their time at Ventura Missionary School.

Dr. Tammy Ennis

Dr. Tammy Ennis                           Donna Barradas

Dean of Academics                         Business Administrator

Head of Admissions                        Admissions Registrar

tennis@vmc.net                             dbarradas@vmc.net

500 High Point Drive, Ventura, California 93003  /  805-644-9515  /  venturamissionaryschool.com

Our Admissions Process is Simple

Step 1: Tour our School
Tour our school. Come see our beautiful campus, visit classrooms, and meet our two Deans. Our touring days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Please contact our office to schedule.   (805-644-9515, ext. 568)

Step 2: Apply online
Open Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year has begun. For seat availability, please call the school office (805) 644-9515.           
For 2021-2022 Application information, please call (805) 644-9515 and ask for Diane or Donna.

Step 3:  Documents:
All documents must be submitted before Testing.  Please submit the following documents to the school office.  Some documents, as you will see below, will need to be originals and we are happy to make copies of those for you. 

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS:  Original birth certificate (we will make a copy); latest report card; standardized test results; immunization records. The student file is complete when all the above documents are provided.
6th-8th grade applicants: a reference letter from the student’s current school.  K-5th grade applicants: a reference letter is not required, but certainly helpful.

1st grade applicants: 1st grade Health Screen


Step 4: Student Assessment / Placement Testing:
Once your application is submitted and all documents are provided, our Admissions Coordinator will schedule a testing date and time. After testing, parents will meet with Dr. Ennis.

Step 5: Admissions Decisions / Invitation to Enroll:
All candidates will participate in a screening which includes a placement test, student interview and review of documents.  Upon completion, each candidate will be notified by the Admission Office: 
1.  Accepted - Admission with Invitation to Enroll.
Once the candidate is accepted, you will be emailed with an invitation to enroll.  The email will include a link to the application.  If you have any questions, please contact Donna Barradas, 805-644-9515, ext. 562.

2.  Wait listed - Due to full capacity, we maintain a wait list. Placement from the wait list is determined by grade level, classroom size and the review of the student's completed Admissions file.  There is no number or date order of priority on the wait list.  If we have a seat that opens for a wait list student, you will be notified by the Admissions office.
3.  Not Accepted

Step 6: Complete Enrollment (Accepted Applicants): 
Respond to the email Invitation to Enroll. Completing your enrollment includes creating your FACTS Tuition account and selecting a payment plan. If you have any questions, please contact Donna Barradas, 805-644-9515, ext. 562. At a later date, you will receive an official letter of congratulations.
2021-2022 Application Link
2021-2022 Tuition and Fee Schedule:

Parent Volunteer Hours are not required...although there are always many opportunities for parent involvement.  We appreciate and encourage family involvement!  VMS does not require student uniforms - however, students adhere to a solid dress code on campus and at school events.