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With our waiver approved, we are committed to communicating the latest and most accurate information for our school families. We are so grateful for your continued flexibility during this challenging season. We recognize it has been difficult, and we remain committed to care for the Ventura Missionary School family through this season. This page will reflect our most current plans and practices as things continue to shift.  Please check this page regularly to see the latest communication pieces and tools that will be available to you.  This information is provided to all our families whether they are attending in person or at home so that everyone is educated about our plans.

QUESTIONS - We're Here to Help


(805) 644-9515. 


When you hear the message, press 1
Then select the extension.

For Cari Steward, press 560 or email
For Donna Barradas, press 562 

For Diane Murray, press 568  email


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