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Distance Learning Program

Beginning August 2021, we will offer a choice of on-campus or distance learning programs to our VMS families. Our mission is to foster a culture of love where the whole child experiences a practical foundation committed to academic excellence, social relationships, and spiritual development through our Arts-Enriched platforms of active learning. We will continue to Educate, to Inspire, and to Lead with God’s light shining on our school.

The tuition and fees are the same for either choice (OC or DL); refer to the tuition details online. For those who are interested in Distance Learning, please review the following attributes of our program. Like our On-Campus Program, our Distance Learning Program will reflect the excellent reputation of Ventura Missionary School with high expectations well-defined. The two programs will operate independently, follow our school calendar dates, and both will foster critical thinking skills, literacy, and assessments that promote academic achievement by using the platforms Seesaw (K-2nd) and Google Classroom (3rd-8th).

Many researchers agree a fundamental part of online learning is centered on socialization and social interaction with students and teachers. Keeping this in mind, every DL student will be invited on campus to participate in our social events and assemblies, which will include attending chapels, VMS athletics, musical performances, field trips, Middle School dances and graduation, Open House, Science Fair, STEAM Family Night, special classroom projects by grade level, and classroom parties by grade level. In addition, our DL teachers will foster socialization opportunities online daily/weekly with live instruction, tutoring opportunities, test reviews, and google-meets. READ, READ, READ is a huge component of Dr. Ennis’ teaching philosophy and reading is highly encouraged. STAR Testing for our reading program will be provided with our DL Program.


  • Christian worldview integrated in the curriculum, including daily prayer and memory verses.

  • Our highly qualified and credentialed Ventura Missionary School (DL) teachers will provide engaging instruction with a focus on active learning.

  • All classes, K-8th, are google-classroom/web-based and accessible to our students at anytime, anywhere from any online computer and at the student’s own pace.

Five Core Subjects

 K-2nd / Seesaw Platform:                                           Bible; Math; Language Arts; Social Studies; Science

3rd - 5th / Google Classroom:                                      Bible; Math; Language Arts; Social Studies/History; Science

6th - 8th / Google Classroom:                                    Bible; Math; English; History; Science

Enrichment Classes:
K-5: Spanish; Music; Computers; Art; Library/Accelerated Reading (AR Reading Program); Physical Education
6th and 7th: Spanish, Music/Drama; Computers; Art; Library/Accelerated Reading  (AR Reading Program); Physical Education
8th grade:  Spanish & Spanish I (Honors); Music/Drama; Computers; Advanced Art; Library/Accelerated Reading (AR Reading Program); Physical Education
 Middle School also offers Study Hall and additional Enrichment classes, such as Creative Writing, Sign Language, Business 101, and Money Matters. These classes change depending upon scheduling.
K-8th grades:  VMS offers a preferred Tutoring list for students who need extra help.

We Offer the Following

Our Distance Learning Program, K-8, will offer the following:

  • Weekly feedback / grading / quarterly report cards – tracking student progress and assisting struggling students is a priority. Our motto for teachers:  EFG: Empathy, Flexibility and Grace for all DL students.

  • Access to FACTS for parental instructional reporting; lesson planning will follow the same content whether OC or DL, but the DL instruction will be modified to adapt to the DL style of learning.

  • Weekly live instruction and assessments

  • Recorded instruction modified for the remote learner

  • Direct communication to each teacher and to the VMS office

  • Teacher-student collaboration and teacher-led tutoring through published ‘Office Hours’

  • Clear assignment communication w/ weekly newsletters and checklists. Lesson will focus on the home environment with reduced screen time.

  • Instruction is standard-driven and best teaching practices per grade level. The DL teacher will work directly with each homeroom teacher to provide the same content building material, per grade level.

  • Tech-support; VMS Chromebooks can be checked out to the student(s) for usage.

  • By choice, student (face-to-face) participation with on campus activities for socialization

If a family has a desire to transfer from the DL Program to OC Learning, the movement is predicated on seat availability. Although we are asking for a year commitment with our DL Program, movement from one program to another must be pre-approved by Dr. Ennis and will only be considered at the beginning of each quarter / semester.

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